Stainless steel type 304 is the most basic alloy of the stainless steel metals. As a whole, stainless steel is one of the most corrosive resistant metals available. Stainless steel alloys contain chromium and nickel, which can be beneficial for many applications. Not being magnetic gives stainless steel type 304 a unique advantage in certain processes and applications that other types of stainless steel do not have. Stainless Steel 304 can be produced in a range of mesh sizes from a 4" opening to as fine as 635 openings per inch. The greater the mesh count, the smaller the opening of the mesh. To learn more about wire mesh sizes and specifications click here.

4" Opening

635 Mesh

Double-sided Arrow-2
Stainless Steel 304 2 X 2
Stainless Steel 304 30 .012 - rev2
Stainless Steel 304 100 .045

Stainless Steel 304 Chemical Composition

Alloy C (max) Mn (max) P (max) S (max) Si (max) Ni Cr Fe
T-304 0.08 2.0 0.045 0.03 1.0 8.0-10.5 18.0-20.0 Balance