Galvanized wire mesh is the number one type of wire mesh for outdoor use. In the process of galvanization, raw steel wire is dipped into a molten hot bath of zinc. This zinc cooks and hardens on the material to both strengthen it and make it resistant to rust. Given the fact that elements can be harsh on wire, rust-resistant wire mesh is perfect for outdoor environments. Galvanized wire is also one of the cheapest metals available, making it a popular choice for many. This type of mesh is available in Galvanized After Welded; Galvanized After Woven; Galvanized Before Welded and Galvanized Before Woven.

1 Mesh

Galvanized Wire Mesh 1

1/2 Mesh

Galvanized Wire Mesh 1-2

1/4 Mesh

Galvanized Wire Mesh 1-4