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Bolting Wire Cloth

Bolting wire cloth made from a light wire diameter woven into a plain square mesh pattern. The light wire diameter provides a high percentage of open area. Bolting wire cloth is a light-weight grade of wire cloth produced in mesh counts. Bolting Wire Cloth specification is made of 18-8 Stainless Steel, a tough and durable grade of stainless steel, woven with precision to the highest accuracy and quality standards.


To pass wire cloth through a pair of rollers to reduce thickness or flatten intersections of wires and provide a smooth surface. Also called rolled.

Double Crimp Wire Cloth

Both warp and shute wires are crimped at the point of intersection to keep the wires in position. The double crimp wire cloth wires are not crimped before weaving. The corrugation or depression that is crimped into both the warp and shute wires is a result of the having a plain weave pattern calls for each shute wire to pass over and under successive rows of warp wires and vice versa, like interlacing fingers.

Filter Cloth

Woven mesh cloth used for filtration and straining. It is a tightly woven cloth usually of Dutch Weave.The filter cloth is used for centrifugal and vacuum filter applications. It lies flat and is free from waviness.

Inter-Crimp Wire Cloth

Woven wire cloth with an extra crimp in both warp and fill wire. Both the warp and shute wires are crimped with extra crimps or corrugations between the points of intersection. This technique is usually required when weaving large openings with fine wires.

Galvinizing Wire Cloth

An inexpensive method of zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust of steel wire mesh. Galvanized steel wire, also known as galvanized iron wire, finds most uses in binding of construction materials or weaving of galvanized wire mesh products

Market Grade Wire Cloth

Standard industrial wire cloth most commonly used. The market grade wire cloth creates a standard for certain mesh counts and the corresponding wire diameters. The market grade wire cloth specifications covers everything from a 1/2" opening down to 20 microns.


The number of openings per linear inch, measured from the center of any wire. Larger openings are listed as fractions (5/8" to 1") which is the distance between the centers of two adjacent wires.

Micronic Filter Cloth

Wire cloth of fine wires usually giving a particle retention of 50 microns or less. The micronic filter cloth is used for the separation of solids and clear liquid filtration as in the cleaning of fuels or hydraulic liquids, or in water treatment.

Rectangular Wire Cloth Mesh

Wire Cloth of rectangular openings caused through the weaving of a greater number of wires in either the warp or shute direction.

Selvage Of Wire Cloth

The loop or border on the material. The selvage prevents the raveling of the wire cloth or wire mesh.

Shute Of Wire Cloth

The wires which are woven across the metallic cloth. Many times this is called fill wires.

Space Wire Cloth

Wire cloth selected according to clear open distance measured from the facing edges of two adjacent wires (warp and shute), regardless of the wire diameter.

Square Wire Mesh

This wire mesh is equal count in both warp and shute directions.

Wrap Of Wire Cloth

The wires which run the length of the woven metallic cloth.