Stainless Steel type 304 is often referred to as "18-8" (18% chromium, 8% nickel) or T-304, it is the basic stainless alloy most commonly utilized for wire cloth weaving, wire cloth welding and wire cloth fabricated parts. It is the most cost effective alloy due to it popularity. It withstands outdoor exposure without rusting and resists oxidation at an elevated temperature up to 1400 Degrees Fahrenheit. Stainless Steel Type 304 Wire Mesh is attractive and quite strong, corrosion resistant, and it varies from being fine, soft and flexible to very rigid. Wire Cloth Man stocks virtually every standard or market grade as well as many of the non-standard specifications, including heavy duty specifications. We have looms for weaving and welding machines to manufacture your wire cloth requirements.

SS 304 Type Wire Mesh is strong, less expensive and has high consumer appeal. It is this is used for a variety of applications, for filtration in oilfield, aerospace, chemical, hot gas, water purification, beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries, mining, chemical, water and wastewater industries, for sorting and screening of abrasives, liquids, powders and other solids. It’s use is endless.