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WIRE CLOTH MANufacturers Inc. has been in business for over forty years. Our four locations in the United States are geographically placed to offer our customers shorter lead times, reduced freight rates, and better service. Our facilities are primarily stocked with , galvanized woven wire mesh, and . We also inventory many other alloys, including some exotic alloys.

Our and are woven by our partnered weaving facilities from around the world. Our fine mesh is woven on the best equipment available in our industry to insure superior quality and consistency our customers deserve. Both fine mesh and micronic filter cloth can be woven in many , , , or other crimp methods required. Course mesh can also be manufactured in many welded mesh specifications.

Our fabricating facilities consist of automated machinery, , rolling, forming, cutting, welding, calendaring, and stamping. We also provide degreased, annealed, powder coated, teflon coated, and other required conversion services.

Our department specializes in , , hex netting (chicken wire) and .WIRE CLOTH MANufacturers Inc. carries a large inventory and variety of commercial mesh. This material can be ready to ship within 24 hours in small quantity, LTL shipments, and full truckloads.

Our experienced staff will provide prompt service, top quality products and competitive pricing.

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